Sunday, January 20, 2013

4 months of updates....

Well, it's been a while so here's what has been going on.
The Orphan Love Mud Run was a HUGE success and in the end we raised over $17,000 total and 7 families were blessed with money to help bring their children home. 
Our next event has been planned out and we are SO very excited about it.  His Little Feet will be returning to Ada, OK and this time with children from India, Ethiopia and Haiti.  We will be having the performances at H2O Church on March 3rd and more information regarding the specifics of that will be announced soon.

We are also planning the next Orphan Love Mud Run for 2013, YES we are!  The date has not been set in stone yet but will likely be at the end of Septemeber like last year (of course scheduling around other mud runs and OU know the important stuff).  Since we planned the last one in 2 months and it was great we figure we can plan this next one way in advance and it will be AMAZING, we have some exciting things to add to it this year so stay tuned...

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